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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Jar of Giggles

I've become obsessed with jars at the moment and I blame Pinterest. Whenever I have a spare minute you will find me on Pinterest trolling through the most popular pins finding inspiration and new clever ideas or receipes. Well I stumbled upon some pretty jars filled with simple things and I fell in love. Then I happen to be browsing through a shop and saw a whole heap of different sized jars on sale! So I bought some of course then worked furiously to make a clear spot for them on my kitchen bench. Then it was ok so what do I fill them with, I wanted something bright and colourful so they are filled with cupcake cases, lollipops and sprinkles.

It wasn't until yesterday that I had an even better idea to fill up a jar with something that will brighten up my day not just my kitchen.  It all came about because Xavier gave me a big giggle with something he said. I had just been for a blood test and it being school holidays took all three kids along with me. The lady was lovely and we were the only ones in the centre so she paid real attention to all three of them. In the car on the way home, Xavier being the clever old soul he is piped up from the back seat. "Mum, that lady was really nice, even though she was old!" I had a little giggle to myself and said " yes Xav she was". These little quotes that come out of their mouths are the things I never want to forget. So I decided to write that quote down and date it. Then I thought where can I keep these treasured moments, brainwave, I need another jar! I will have to go out and buy a  big jar to fill up with these moments and giggles so that they are frozen in time. Then when I'm having a tough day or the kids are pushing me to the limits like we all know all kids do, I can open up the jar pull out a quote and have a giggle and remember what life is all about. The little moments that make you laugh and cherish the family you have.

Now I'm just waiting with my note pad and pen to write down those little things that fly out of their mouths without judgement and censorship. I'm sure Hubby and I will have some to add too!


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