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Monday, 3 November 2014

Crazy days

Well hello there readers. Sorry it's been so long between blogs but what can I say but we have been busy loving life. 
Busy, yes very busy. I'm often told how organised I am, and asked how do I do what I do everyday, well I'm going to give you a little insight into my day. A Monday, not typically a busy day in my life but it may read very hectic and crazy to you. 

Well it started just after midnight when Cadel was screaming out. He wanted me to sleep in his bed with him as he needed some comfort. So I obliged. Luckily the munchkin has a queen size bed for such occurrences. I tossed and turned most of the rest of the night though, thinking of the busy week ahead. Luckily I had taken my phone and charger into his room as the alarm sounded at 4.50am. The alarm read... 'Run your cares away' I turned off the alarm, rolled over and lifted the blind to see gloomy grey skies. I laid there for a while contemplating whether to run or not and in the end snuck out of his bed and was dressed and out the door just after 5am. I had a tough session of interval training in mind and I did it, cut it a little shorter then I had hoped as time was running out but I knocked up 8.5km on the good old Strava app. I walked into the house around 6am and everyone else but Cadel was wide awake. I cooled down for all of about 5 mins then grabbed a snoozy Cadel to do his chest Physio session. 30mins of pounding on his chest to move that sticky mucous. 30mins to sit and not be able to do anything else but percuss his chest and catch up on Facebook. Yes multitasking at it's finest in 2014. He slept through the session until the last few minutes and was ready for the day as I finished up. I jumped up, finished getting the big kids school lunches ready, fruit snack, check, drink bottle, check. Then thankfully wonderful hubby had boiled an egg for me and cooked some toast. But that had to wait. While I waited for the kettle to boil to make my favourite cup of tea, peppermint, I made up Cadel's medicines for the day. About 6 different medications, today was an easy one. Ok the jugs boiled, I grab some clothes for Cadel ready for hubby to dress him but not before he also helps me out by doing Cadel's puffer and nebuliser. So so thankful his job is close to home and he can help out of a morning! Finally I sit down to a warm cup of tea and cold toast. Scoff that down Kristy, I say in my head, time is ticking and I still had to do my daughters hair. Luckily today is a dance day after school. We have the donut dancer bun down to a fine art. Spray with loads of hair spray and it saves time this afternoon. Ok kids are all dressed, say goodbye to Hubby, now I need to change my smelly running shirt before I walk the kids to school. So I set the kids up with some cartoons to keep them happy while I finish up. Ok time to go. Better pack the umbrellas the sky is still gloomy out there. Oh and don't forget the drink bottles, I have plans to walk a rather hilly another, oh 7 or so kilometres. We get to school with time to spare and Cadel and I after saying our goodbyes set off on our walk. He doesn't seem too impressed to be trapped in the pram so I make a game out of looking for different coloured cars and he seems happy. Home again, it's just after 10am and I've racked up over 16km this morning. Whoa. I feel sooo energised. Quick shower and change into swimmers and make sure the bags all packed to head off to a hydrotherapy session for Cadel. Cadel loves his time in the pool. He is starting to share the toys more now with the other kids and today he decides he is confident enough to dive ( from sitting) into the pool today. Yay!!! An hour later and it's 12pm, we both change and head to the supermarket nearby to restock the depleted fridge at home. The 40min drive home is broken up by talking to Hubby in his lunch break about how swimming went. We are almost home and I remember I need to pick up some scripts for Cadel. We love our local chemist. He knows us very well and greets us with a big smile. He helps us out to the car with the boxes of medications and we head home. Just enough time now at 1.30pm to change a nappy, and grab some lunch. Luckily we had some leftovers. Leftovers are the life savers of a busy mum!!! I hang out some washing and quickly chuck on a brush of make up to head out the door at 2.30pm to ensure a park at school. ( don't get me started on that crazy car park!!!) I use this time to have some adult talk with friends at the school but Cadel has other ideas and has a tantrum for the full 30min wait about not being allowed on the playground equipment. ( silly rules from the school!) Finally the bell goes and the madness begins as we head off to dancing. I send in my daughter to dancing and then spend the next 30 mins in the car with the boys being the referee between their niggles. We sit outside to prevent Cadel from catching anything going around as the studio can be very crowded on Mondays. We drive into the garage at home just before 4.30 and I race inside to put the roast lamb on for dinner. It cooks perfectly and the kids are showered and eating dinner at 6pm. Phew. That's always my plan but rarely does it come off. They also get homework done! Yay! I clean up after dinner, pack the school lunch boxes for tomorrow and put away all of Cadel's medications I picked up today. Kiss the kids goodnight and tuck them in.  I put two loads of washing on, pack away 3 kids washing that has been overflowing in the baskets for over a week and I sit and chill out with hubby to watch our favourite show. I'm lucky, tonight it is hubby's turn to do medications and overnight feed formula mixing. We take turns every night so that it doesn't get too much for each of us. Just to keep it interesting Cadel starts having a little coughing fit. It is dry and productive, which means he is coughing up the mucous. Just the stress we need before he has an anaesthetic and procedure done this week. It passes and he goes back to sleep. Finally I carry Cadel off into bed and check my phone. I have messages on Facebook, Wait what!!! Apparently my sister was on Gold Coast Cops tonight. Hubby and I go searching for the show online as we missed it on TV. We find it and give a huge sigh of relief to the fact that she was the girl helping the intoxicated and vomitting nightclub goer! Ok brain, time to switch off now and sleep after a nice shower. Nope brain has other ideas. And this is where I am at 11.30pm at night blogging all this down so that my brain feels clear and I can sleep. Hope it works. 

I have to get up and do it all again tomorrow, do I workout in the morning or afternoon, don't forget about Cadel's Speechy appointment and then straight to another hydrotherapy session.  

Oh well Kristy, you just have to get up and at em to fight on another day with a smile on my face because all of this means we have our little boy here with us. 

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