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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Live in the moment.

There is nothing like the threat of losing something you love to make you get out there and enjoy life a little bit more. 

When we were sat down and given "the chat" about Cadel it devastated our worlds. I thought life as we knew it was over. In a way I was right. It changed how we looked at our lives and how we spent our days. 

We were always pretty positive people and enjoyed our family time but this multiplied the positivity and family time in a way we could have never imagined, and all in a time when it would have been quite easy to curl up into a ball and hide away from the world. We made a choice to get out there and to explore it. 

All of these choices have led us to enjoy every moment we spend together. Whether it be sitting on the couch watching a movie together, just sitting outside in the backyard, travelling around  or climbing a mountain as a family. 

These September school holidays are a time when our family usually escapes the everyday world and goes on a holiday. This year we are doing it a little bit different. We have decided to have a staycation. What is a staycation you ask? 
This is when we stay home but we do day trips to our surrounding areas and play tourist. Doing things we have always wanted to do and explore everything that our local world has to offer. I find we take these places and things for granted. When you travel interstate etc you tend to make sure you take advantage of such touristy things but you forget how much fun you can have just on your doorstop. 

Our Staycation has been planned for months as we constantly added more things to the list. We have managed to cross off quite a few already in the first and are looking forward to the second week. We have climbed mountains, seen amazing flower displays and gardens, gone on secret missions, had dinner at sunset at the beach with our favourite takeaway, gone to the Zoo and strolled through markets. Most importantly though we have laughed, giggled, talked and shared so much. We have enjoyed each other's company (so far) and there has been minimal niggling fights between the kids. (Touch wood) 

Of course all of this could be interrupted at any moment. All of our best laid plans can come unravelled at the sound of a moist cough. CF is always there hovering over our heads and it sometimes interrupts the day with having to pause to do treatments and medications or even to make a choice about what we do on that day when it is really crowded or the environment or situation is just not safe for Cadel. 

We are actually living with that threat to these holidays at the moment. Cadel's cough changed mid week and we made the call to duck down to the hospital to have him reviewed by his CF Dr. The Dr wasn't overally happy with his health at the moment so we have changed a few medications and added in some more treatments and we need to see the Dr again early next week with the thought of a possible immediate admission. 

What does that mean for our staycation, well it means that we readjust, for the moment we fit in those extra medications and treatments into our planned days. We try and do as much as we can before that next review but be wary of Cadel and his health and energy levels. If he does get admitted we look at our list of planned day trips and see what we can still do. 

It's all how you look at life. Cadel's condition made our family look at life in a positive way. It made us treasure and cherish every moment and not waste a second. Yes his condition changed our lives but I think for the better. Sometimes we reflect on the day's activities and think back to a few years ago and think we would have never gone out and done what we did that day. 

I hope that the kids continue to live their lives this way and get out and explore the world and not sit by and let it all just float  past. I hope that they remember these simple days and adventures in a fond way and that they do the same as they grow older.  

I want them to get out there and be a participant in life and not a spectator! 

❤️ K