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Monday, 16 December 2013

The Big Steep Hill

This blog is a lazy one I have to admit. I have stolen it from a past post I have written before on Facebook. 

I was doing training for my fun runs ( why they are called fun runs I'll never know!)  this morning and it was hill runs! A tough task that I never look forward to but love it when I finish them. It involves sprinting up the hill, to walk back down to turn around and do it all over again another 11 times. 

While I was distracting my self from the pain I was reminded of this post I had written around this time last year and found it appropriate to share. The hills may have become even easier still to accomplish and we have also gathered more support and grown as people.

So without further ado here is a post from early this year when Cadel was admitted......

So for the past week or so I have been keeping myself sane during this admission by getting out and going for a walk. On the first walk I decided to take a different path then I have used on previous admissions. The signs said "caution step path ahead" I pushed on regardless. It was a tough hill as are most around the hospital but I made it! Today I did the hill quicker and more easily then that first day and as I turned around and looked down at the steep path I had just walked I started to reflect on the last two years. 

Our family has had no choice but to take on the steep path and battle alongside Cadel with his illness. It has gotten easier as time goes on to deal with the steep path and it has made us all a lot stronger too! I myself have changed from the people pleaser I was into someone who is comfortable saying no if it doesn't suit me. I have learned to ask for help a little more too ( still a work in progress!). I think Lo and Xav have become very resilient kids and are more compassionate for seeing all that they do in the hospital. Cadel well he is just wise beyond his years and very well rounded with all that has happened. Scott, I should let speak for himself but I believe our relationship has strengthened where others may have cracked. 

There have been many friends who have found our path too steep and dropped off but more importantly there are those who have reached out their hand and given us the boost and help that we sometimes need to reach the top. Most of the time without us even asking. 

So thank you all for joining us on our journey with Cadel and CF. Your kind words and positive vibes help us tackle our steep path a little easier every day."
Our support network has grown to even complete strangers with whom we share our story, we hope you continue to learn, share and help push us along.