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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Taking a Calculated Risk!

Going to the movies as a family hardly seems like a risk but here is why we think it is for our family. 

As most of you know, Cadel has a very low immune system and is prone to picking up bugs quite easily so sitting in an air conditioned, crowded room in the school holidays for up to two hours at a time is a very stressful time and is what we call a calculated risk. 

We want the kids to have a "normal" as can be life and that means doing what every family loves to do and go to the movies. We tend to do it around school holidays too as that's when the best movies are out, of course! 

We plan it out though and think about how it all is going to work. We tend to go to movies that have been released for a while already so that the cinema isn't packed out, we also choose the sessions more carefully, mid afternoon seems to be quiet, it's too late after lunch and not close enough for dinner. We also get there early and pick the seats that no one wants. We usually sit in the back row of the front section. No one usually wants to sit there but there is no problem with these seats and their view. 

By doing all these things we are able to try and control the environment somewhat as we aren't in an overcrowded room, sitting around people in case they are sick and best of all we get a section of seats to ourselves! 

We don't go to the movies often but when we do these are the things that we need to put into place so that it remains being a positive experience for us all. Small tiny, little things, big plans but treasured memories of laughing, crying and chilling out together as a family. 



  1. Hope it was a good movie for you all. xx


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