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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Precious Little Fighter

It's currently 3.57am on a Sunday morning and I just can't sleep. I was laying there thinking about a friend of mine and all that she and her family are going through. 

I've known this friend ever since she was born as our families grew up together. Her and her sisters are like family to us and she is going through a really tough time at the moment and I am constantly thinking about her but have no idea how to help her. 

About a week ago her second daughter was born at just 25 weeks into her pregnancy. I have no experience whatsoever with a premmie baby and cannot even begin to try and understand what pain and heartache she is going through. 
Yes Cadel has health issues and has his own diagnosis that scares us everyday and makes my heartbreak every time I look at him playing and giggling with his brother and sister but at least I know (well sort of) what's going on. 

My friend has been sent home already from the hospital, while her baby fights away in the NICU, how hard would that be to leave your tiny little baby who needs so much help. I know that she is in the best of care but as a mother you just want to fix things and know what's going on, that's why I'm lucky to be able to stay with Cadel when he is admitted and we are able to always able to know what's going on ( well, most of the time!) 
To not even know what sort of effect if any the early birth will have on this precious pink bundle must feel unfair and scary. To try and explain everything about what's going on to her older daughter who is only young would be tough too. To function as a person and as a mother in the real world but making the time to sit and wish to hold your newborn, another tough task. 

I'm always thinking of you my friend and wish there were something I could do to make it all better. 

I would like my friend to know that I wish her to have the power of advancing time. I wish we could fast forward and they could be home enjoying their new little baby and not have to sit and listen and watch those blinking numbers on the monitors that tower over the precious little body. I also wish you my friend strength. You will need it I'm sure as you watch your little one fight and to guide you through tough times ahead. Also if I have learnt anything from Cadel's health issues it is to lean on the people around you. You can only be strong for so long. Don't see it as a weakness but more as a way to regather and draw more strength. 

For the little one I wish health, healing and time. I wish her the best medical team to help her grow big and strong and be the best person she can be. I also wish her strength. Strength to fight. Fight to be home and to get to know her big sister, her Mum and Dad and her Aunties, Uncles cousins and Grandparents. 

Fight and be strong little one and soon we will meet you. 


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dreaming and Making Memories.

Well we have just had a long weekend and it was a rainy and dreary grey weekend but we still made the most of it. 

The first couple of days we spent snuggled up in bed watching DVD's and the last we we went for a scenic drive and had a picnic ( under cover of course). 

The day spent watching DVD's and snuggling is just as important as the scenic drive. We just hung out all together at home caught up in our own little world with no cares and just soaked in the family time. 

We need to take this moments to make special family memories and I remember as a kid going on road trips close to home and exploring great little towns. The kids were so great and really loved being away from the screens of technology as did hubby and I. We took our time and explored the many lookouts in the rain forest and read the educating signs strategically placed around the place. Although it was still drizzling we made the most of it. 

It was great finding a scenic lookout ( although there was so much fog we really couldn't see whatever it was we were supposed to see)  where we enjoyed our hot chocolate, brownies and listened to the bell birds singing. We then drove on checking out little secluded spots and soaking in all the fresh air. We found a great covered area to have our picnic. 

As much as it was great to refresh our souls (I know, bloody Hippy Dippy saying!) it is important to make these memories. Sometimes we forget about Cadel's illness and feel just like a so called 'average' family and I hope the kids cherish those moments that hubby and I work so hard at making for them. We took the obligatory selfie photos  and family photos and tried to take some 'arty' shots of the beautiful rain forest. It was great to have a day where we weren't irritating each other, there was no yelling and screaming at each other, no bickering and there was plenty of 
smiles, giggles and happy sounds. 

I think the kids enjoyed it as much as we did and hopefully they lock it away in their memory bank. Hubby and I were checking out the cottages for sale, dreaming about buying a little run down cottage to renovate into an open one room little get away with great views, a cosy fire and no TV or phone reception where we can escape the real world and enjoy our family time. Wouldn't it be great. One little cottage in the hills to escape to in winter and then another by the beach with just the basics to enjoy the warmer months. 

Oh well I can dream anyway, have to buy some lotto tickets and cross our fingers and toes to help this dream come true. But that is what life is all about making plans and dreaming and working at those dreams to make them happen.