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Saturday, 11 April 2015

The therapy of blogging.

Hello Strangers! 
Well I was just reminded through the memories notifications ( I love this feature as I am a sentimentalist and love looking back in time!)  on Facebook that on this day 2 years ago I started my little blog. And I'm terribly sorry but I think it's been almost 6 months since I have written and shared on the blog. To my faithful followers for that I am so sorry. I started writing about our little bubble of fun in a more turbulent time of our lives. We had been told that we had only had months left with our two year old son and writing became very therapeutic for me. I could write down what I sometimes couldn't say out loud verbally. It helped immensely and many people far and wide around the world read my humble little words and got a glimpse into our little world. It has helped to spread awareness for Cystic Fibrosis too and all that our lil man battles with every day. I was always amazed to see the stats of where my readers were from and truly excited that it was reaching so many people. 

So big apologies for leaving you all hanging for so long but I have to say that things have been going well. Hence my need for less therapy in the way of my writing. Although as I write this I am sitting beside Cadel in his hospital bed he has been relatively well. We were told by one of his Drs that they hadn't expected him to make it to his 3rd Birthday, here he is almost 4 1/2, going to Kindy and we are soon to start filling out forms to start school! He is in for a two week round of IV antibiotics and we are nearing the end. He is doing well and copes with everything that is thrown his way. These admissions are few and far between these days and are just blips on the radar. I feel it's harder to adjust for us now as we aren't as used to an admission as we used to be! Strange isn't it. How routine something can become and how strange it feels when it occurs less often. 

Anywho I already have a few blog ideas in my scrambled brain so I am committing to sharing and inviting you all into our world once again and I hope that you continue to enjoy your view into our Life in a Bubble of Fun. 


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